Water is the most precious resource on earth and everyone can do their part to limit usage and help save water. In addition to using Organico, these are a few tips you can try at home.

Soap And Save Method

This method is simple. All you need to do is, turn on the shower, get wet, switch off the shower, lather up, switch the shower on again and rinse.

Hand Sanitiser and Dry Shampoo

A non-sticky water-less hand sanitiser is an effective way to save both soap and water. For haircare, you can make use of dry shampoo and scented hair spray.

Reuse Laundry Water For Your Car and Garden

Instead of using a hosepipe or bucket to wash your car or water your plants, you can use the left-over water from laundry day. However, this only works if you use biodegradable, eco-friendly detergents to wash your clothes. Speaking of laundry, if clothes have been lightly worn, don’t put them in the wash bin just yet. You can create a homemade solution of vinegar, water and fabric softener, give the clothes a light spray and hang them up to air.

Collect Water In Buckets

Because every drop of clean water counts, you can place a bucket in your shower to collect water before the water gets hot. This clean water can be used around the house.

Wipes Aren’t Just For Babies

These are your water-saving best friends. If you’ve been out and feeling a little grimy, but haven’t participated in perspiration-causing activities, instead of hopping in the shower, a quick once over with a baby wipe will still leave you feeling fresh.

Less Water For Meals

In order to reduce the overall amount of water being used, make meals that leave a fair amount of leftovers. This means you’ll use less water. If you’re into healthy means, consider using a steamer instead of boiling your veggies. Steamers use way less water than straight-up boiling food. Whatsmore, the residual water from the steamer can easily be reused to water plants in the garden.
When bellies are full and it’s time to clean up, a bottle of rinse-free dish soap and water should do the trick. For heartier meals that need heavier duty cleaning, try and stack the dishwasher to the absolute brim – in the majority of cases, this in fact uses less water than washing dishes in the sink.



  • Ditch the bottled water – it takes 3 litres of tap water to make one litre of bottled water.
  • Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth and save 9 litres.
  • Take a 5 minute shower and save up to 100 litres that baths can use.
  • Change to a water-efficient showerhead and half your consumption.
  • Turn off the water while washing your hair.
  • Flush less when you do and put a 2l bottle filled with water in your cistern.


  • Don’t use water-based toys like water guns, water balloons, etc.
  • If you want to keep your kids cool, use a shallow shell pool.
  • If you have a pool, don’t fill it to the top – splashing leads to serious waste.
  • Use a pool cover to reduce evaporation.


  • Fix leaky taps – even a slow drip can waste 30 litres a day
  • Only use your dishwasher when it’s full and stop it before the drying cycle so it can air dry If you fill two sinks; one with soapy water and one with warm water for rinsing, this will use less water than a dishwasher
  • Wash your clothes in cold water to save water and energy
  • Sweep away leaves and debris rather than using a hose to spray them away
  • Minimise how often you wash your car
  • Put buckets in the shower for runoff water and under drains to catch water during rain for your garden
  • Plant a water-wise garden with indigenous drought-resistant plants
  • Water your garden after 6pm
  • Use a watering can to make sure the water goes where it’s needed