The ‘Skip The Flush’ initiative was launched to address the water crisis that gripped South Africa in 2017. At the time, dam levels in certain regions were at an all-time low with the Western Cape experiencing the severity of the drought. Skip The Flush was launched with the intention to help curb the water crisis at hand, by educating South Africans on water conservation. Because each toilet flush uses up to 9 litres of water — the single highest use of water in the home — by the end of any given day, the average South African would have used approximately 36 litres of water per day which, in turn, would put more pressure on the already strained water supply.

While the crisis has been averted for now, improper sanitation – of which water is an important element – remains a challenge to millions of people in South Africa, and globally. Water remains a crucial aspect of our lives, and will continue to do so. CLICK HERE to read more about the SKIP THE FLUSH INITIATIVE, and see how you can do your part.